As if the prospect of being shot and killed while at work wasn’t enough, police officers across the country, across the world, now confront a new faceless invisible foe. In a form of protest and anger over this current situation, I won’t honor it by saying its name. We all know its name. We all know new “fun” terms like, “social distancing” and “flatten the curve”. Certainly, we need to do these things in hopes we can return to “normal” sooner than later.

Unfortunately for police officers, they can’t work remote. They don’t get to stay home and handle things on a laptop in the comfort of their home. Even more reason they deserve support and admiration for a job that simply can’t stop when things get dicey.

Yes, I’m aware there are police officers who make egregious mistakes and discredit the profession. Unfortunately, being human, this holds true for every profession. That doesn’t change the fact police officers are essential and vital in times of uncertainty, where people can’t be trusted to buy food and supplies in normal quantities.

Police officers are aware of the dangers they face when they sign on the line to become a police officer. It’s true, there are plenty of dangerous careers. However, few jobs in the world require a bulletproof vest as required daily attire.

The prospect of being violently killed by another human at work, sets police work aside from other dangerous careers where fatal accidents are common. There’s a reason while in the academy, new police recruits are shown video after video of officers being hurt and killed. They are shown this to drive home the realities of the job and hopefully learn ways to avoid a similar fate. A sobering form of training to say the least.

It’s safe to say, no police officer ever thought they’d risk life and death in the form of an airborne invisible illness. Sure, we know they’re regularly exposed to the public. They deal with people of all walks of life every day. Rich, poor, homeless, sick, and healthy. They answer the call regardless of who dials 911.

In a time where nationwide police shortages are the norm, you must really tip your hat to those who remain on the front lines. Every day, they walk out the door to face not only the dangers of old, but a new faceless invisible enemy they fear could infect them, or worse, be brought home to their families.

To all the police officers still on the front lines facing these unprecedented times, thank you.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay frosty.

The Officer Next Door

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