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For police in 2019, car chases are already highly scrutinized. The risks to the general public and the overall liability have caused most departments to strictly limit when they will allow a vehicle pursuit. Because these vary so much from police department to police department, I’ll stay away from that and just cover a few points from an officer’s perspective on the crazy RV car chase video.

One thing I can assure you they don’t cover in the academy is vehicle pursuits involving motorhomes or RV’s. After Breaking Bad, maybe it crossed a few police instructor’s minds, but I highly doubt there is much of a need for such training.

Improvising is a big part of being a police officer. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you end up in a car chase with a stolen RV. Then to make matters worse, there’s dogs in the RV and the suspect crashes the RV causing most of the passenger side to be ripped wide open. INSANE!

In my opinion, once half of the RV was ripped wide open, it became pretty apparent this person wasn’t going to stop. Not only that, officers have to constantly balance the issue of backing off and letting them drive wild, with no warning or ability to block intersections ahead of the chase, versus continuing the chase in hopes of making it safer. This may sound like a contradiction, but most agencies will block intersections ahead of the chase to try and mitigate risk. It’s not always possible and with policies being more and more restrictive these days, that all depends on the rules for the department involved.

There’s no perfect game plan for these types of incidents, because the entire event is up to the driver. Obviously, using a “PIT” maneuver to spin the vehicle and end the chase wasn’t an option here either. Spike strips were maybe an option, but I wouldn’t want to be the one trying to deploy them. They are extremely dangerous, and the lady had enough trouble controlling the RV even before she ripped half of it open.

In the end, woman driving was taken into custody and faces multiple charges. The dogs that were inside the RV, including the one that jumped out in the middle of the chase, were in the custody of animal services recovering from their injuries.

The innocent victim hit at the end of the crash was injured, suffering a punctured lung and broken bone in his back.

Not an ideal ending by any means. However, we can be thankful no one was killed, and the woman was caught.

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