By now, most of you have seen the videos showing buckets of water being poured on New York police officers while they are answering calls for service or attempting to affect an arrest on a traffic stop.

In every video, the reaction by the police is the same, they don’t. They essentially take the dousing in stride and don’t attempt to make an arrest. Utterly and completely baffling at first glance.

Knowing it’s 2019, you pause and wonder if we are being “punk’d” by these videos. Maybe this was just a neighborhood party and the cops were in on the water fight? Next I thought, maybe we were only shown part of the video, the part that makes it look bad or controversial, in hopes the video would go viral and the clever person who posted it would make some money on their YouTube channel? Nope. Not the case. I somehow forgot that tactic is only used to make police look bad, not make police look like they have self-control, silly me.

Since the videos surfaced and went viral on social media, there’s been no shortage of speculation regarding the incidents themselves, the failure to react by the officers, and who is to blame for the officer’s choice to do nothing in response. Quickly the question has become, why did these officers look like mistreated puppies who tucked their tails and walked away? Why weren’t they arresting the people who were dousing them with water, potentially ruining their radios and equipment, presumably rendering them in no condition to continue their shift? Why? Why? Why?

Little do people realize, the equipment and gear police officers wear every day is heavy when it’s dry. After being completely drenched, I can’t imagine how heavy their bulletproof vest, uniform, and boots became. Not to mention their body cameras, tasers, and radios, possibly being rendered useless or damaged. An officer safety issue for sure.

Like always, we all have our opinions regarding the proper scapegoat for these events. I was quick to agree with the statement released by the NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association that effectively blamed the rhetoric of the Mayor for this behavior. The rhetoric over the years from the Mayor of New York has painted the police officers of New York as the enemy, or a necessary evil if you will.

Put simply, his rhetoric has emboldened the criminal element in New York.

It’s not lost on me there is a stark difference between bullets and water. Being ambushed with a five-gallon bucket of water on a hot day would be refreshing. I have a sense of humor and am always down for a joke, prank, or a way to interact with the community other than arresting someone. Despite what people may think, being a consequence gets old. It is nice to do things other than tell people what to do and put people in jail.

After some thought about these events, I’ve concluded that no one person is to blame.

The true culprit is the loss of respect in our society today.

This falls at the feet of everyone, not just an anti-police Mayor despite his convenient comments condemning these incidents. A little late to jump on the support bandwagon Mr. Mayor. (I’m not using his name on purpose)

The minute it became acceptable to disrespect our elders, our teachers, our coaches, and our first responders, is when this type of behavior became possible.

Gone are the days teachers, coaches, and police officers, are allowed to do their jobs. Gone are the days we take what they say as the truth and respect their assessments or decisions.

Inexplicably, in today’s world, if a kid gets bad grades, ignorant parents blame the teacher not the student. If a kid on a sports team doesn’t get enough playing time or become the next superstar athlete, it’s the coach we blame, not the athlete. If someone gets arrested for blatantly breaking the law on video, somehow in 2019, it’s the police officer we blame, not the person who broke the law. Baffling to say the least.

Quite frankly, it’s ridiculous.

How we’ve evolved into a society that blames the consequences not the actions that caused them is something I’ll never quite understand. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I think most will agree with my assessment of why these events happened.

The reason these events happened in the first place, can be boiled down to lack of respect and the fact we no longer care about holding people accountable for their poor decisions. Instead, as I previously stated, we blame the teacher for the fact the student didn’t turn in the homework. We blame the coach if the athlete isn’t a superstar. We blame the police when people choose to break the law. How has this become the norm?

I guess when participation trophies and feelings are more important than facts or reality, this is what you get.

As our society has become more about being politically correct and less about holding people accountable for their actions, it has managed to create an empowered criminal element.

If we properly backed teachers, coaches, and police officers and placed blame where it belonged, maybe these blatantly disrespectful incidents wouldn’t have happened? Maybe the water yielding thugs would have feared the consequences and not felt so emboldened to be such disrespectful turds?

Even better, if the politicians and mainstream media would get on board with placing the blame where it belonged, maybe we would return to a society that embraces old school ideals like respect or law and order? How wonderful that could be.

It’s a sad day in America when you see first responders who just 18 years ago, ran into burning towers without hesitation as everyone else ran out, be treated with such disrespect. How soon we forget what these men and women are willing to sacrifice for the betterment and safety of our society.

If only we could go back to September 12, 2001, without the need for a tragedy to wake us up…

Thank an officer today.

Never forget.

The Officer Next Door



  1. Hey brother … very, very well said. I’ve been trying to write something too, but I’m still so f*****g mad that I’m afraid it would just turn into a written piece of hate. That’s no good. So, I’ll let your words stand. Would you please share this on our FB page? Be safe.

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