Human Police

We aren’t perfect.

We make mistakes. We regret things we’ve said. We regret things we’ve done.

We make decisions in the blink of an eye with lifelong consequences, hoping we always make the right choice.

By some, we are seen as opposition, an opposing force, or even the enemy. Yet, in many ways, we are no different than anyone else. We have mothers, fathers, kids, and pets. We have hobbies, dreams, likes, dislikes, biases, preferences, favorites, and opinions.

We aren’t perfect.

With the job, comes great responsibility, power, and public trust, there’s no denying that. Something we must yield appropriately with honor and dignity. Let’s be honest, it takes a certain kind of person to run toward danger, when natural instinct tells us to run away with the masses.

Similar in many ways, thanks to our shared humanity. Yet different, because of the job we do, the uniform we wear, and the oath we took.

We aren’t perfect.

The best among us, realize we have power, but don’t look at it that way. The best among us, realize we have a job to do, an oath to uphold, and a duty to protect everyone no matter their color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

With this job, this oath, this uniform, comes great responsibility. The power to take someone’s life or freedom, is not to be taken lightly or abused. Unfortunately, because we are human, mistakes happen. When they do, the damage affects us all.

We aren’t perfect.

Though we should always strive for perfection, if we are being honest with ourselves, we know it’s not possible. No human is perfect. No human is without error or flaws. Mistakes will happen and when they do, consequences should be expected and accepted.

We aren’t perfect.

Sadly, there are some who slip through the cracks. They apply, go through the same rigorous background checks, interviews, polygraphs, and somehow pass. Despite this, their corrupted moral compass, lack of honor and ethics, will eventually shine through. When it does, it will tarnish the badge and the profession. Making it that much harder for those who tow the line with honor and dignity.

We aren’t perfect.

Humanity isn’t an excuse for corruption.

Humanity is not something to hide behind when we let you down.

It’s a simple undeniable fact that with humanity, comes imperfection or room for error.

We aren’t perfect.

Despite all of this, when towers fall, bullets fly, and the unthinkable happens, we will be there for you. Without pause, we run toward what everyone else instinctively runs from. We are willing to give our lives to save yours, without hesitation or discrimination.

We aren’t perfect.

We do this because our humanity is different than yours. Our imperfection allows and compels us to run toward what everyone else runs from, in hopes of making a difference, saving a life, or stopping evil in its tracks.

We aren’t perfect, we are police officers.

-The Officer Next Door


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  1. We ALL need to remember that we are not perfect…and cut our police officers, who are ordinary people doing an extraordinary job, some slack. Thank you all, serving, retired and your families, for protecting us and keeping US SAFE. Stay safe

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