As an officer lies stranded in the backyard of a nearby residence, mortally wounded by a domestic violence suspect, an equally sad side of society was on display.

The video is disturbing. On many levels. Sadly, it’s not just the sounds of rapid gunfire coming from a domestic violence suspect that will disturb you. The comments made by angry bystanders toward the responding police officers are enough to invoke a range of emotions.

Posted on Twitter by Matthew Keys, a digital editor for Comstock Magazine, officers can be seen attempting to establish a safe perimeter by putting up crime scene tape.

The hecklers can be heard making comments like, “Y’all not fitting to shape no narrative today.”

Not to be outdone, another despicable woman can be heard saying, “Whatever officer [is] gettin’ shot need to be!”

As the video continues you can hear gunshots in the background.

Tragically, Officer Tara O’Sullivan, 26, was shot and killed during the incident, who was reported to only have been with the Sacramento Police Department for 18 months.

***WARNING: The video below contains language that could be disturbing to some viewers. Please use discretion.***

It’s clear there are issues in our society, sadly, if we are being honest, there will always be “issues”.

There will always be room for improvement, mistakes will be made by police officers, and people, including police officers, will demand accountability.

What is most disturbing is the fact the officers in this video are simply trying to keep people safe and protect them from gunfire. Gunfire the officers likely knew was coming from someone who shot a police officer and wasn’t going down without a fight.

“Bullets have no names,” they say. Yet these people felt it necessary to heckle officers as they secured the scene, solely intending to protect the very people that were heckling them, from harm.

All while their colleague was stranded in a nearby backyard, dying.

They say police officers are the enemy. The media portrays them that way because it makes them money. The more angry people are, the more they have stories like this one to share.

This is what they – the media – want. Division. Anger. Death. Sadly, it’s working. You can hear it for yourself while watching the video.

A real tragedy.

Multiple tragedies really.

First and foremost, it’s a tragedy we lost a young 26 year-old hero. Even in today’s climate, she CHOSE to be a police officer.

The other tragedy is there are people out there so warped and angry, they hate police officers blindly, even as they worked to protect them from an armed lunatic.

Beyond ridiculous and sad, but it’s our reality today. A good look at what police officers deal with on a daily basis.

Rest In Peace Officer O’Sullivan.

Gone, but never forgotten.

The Officer Next Door



  1. You know, I understand some people are ignorant and don’t like Blacks. Others don’t like whites…..then others don’t like Muslims. I understand it, but I do not condone it.

    But I cannot for the life of me under any circumstances understand people being happy at someone, anyone, being hurt on purpose. Why would I be happy to see a person I don’t know, a person that is trying to actually keep people safe, hurt in any way.

    Some people are sick and I don’t care if you are white, red or bloody green with pink spots. Heckelling and wishing for anyone to be hurt is both pathetic and sick. You are sad examples of so called “Intelligent Life”.

    It may be of little help to the Police concerned, although I live 10,000 miles away in Australia, I would like to thank you for your service and for keeping the Citizens of your country safe.

    God Bless You All. 🙂

  2. It’s really Sad, they should of arrested the women for Obstruction……..There were lives on the line, but they needed their 10 minutes of fame to cuss Officers trying to keep their sorry butts safe.

  3. Stop trying to understand. These are weak-minded humans who have been manipulated by activists and the media. They have no original thoughts of their own. They live meaningless lives, don’t contribute to society and, like I once read, the dog shit that gets caught between the creases of your shoe sole. My heart goes out to these officers, all officers, and their families.

  4. All lives matter, we all bleed red. Another gone to soon. Disgusting how people need help, police arrive, first responders arrive, domestic violence and someone loses a life trying to protect your sorry live’s with an attitude.


  5. As a Ret.Sgt. with 22 yrs. On the job, I’ve never seen such a behavior such as this. My son is still on the the job and he tells me, ma you should be happy you retired. It’s bad on the street, worse than what you had to encounter.
    Maybe so, but I’d like to be on the street for just on week more!
    You can’t help people who want to be a victim for life.

  6. I don’t agree with police sometimes. But if they tell me to stay in the house or dont go a certain way.. i listen.

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