Dear Anti-Police Crowd,

Whether you believe me or not, I hear you when you voice your opinions and concerns about police officers. I support your right to peacefully march or protest for causes you believe in. I understand the emotions you feel when someone you care about dies at the hands of another. The truth is, we are more alike, than we are different.

I know what it’s like to bury someone you love, went to school with, or in my case, wore the same uniform. I understand the feelings you experience when you hear about the latest tragedy and think, “That could have been me.” It’s our worst nightmare, for both us. Like I said, we are more alike, than we are different.

I know how frustrating it is to be judged solely based on your appearance and not your character. I know I made a choice to wear this uniform, but the principle is the same. Nobody should be judged by appearance alone, it’s that simple. I ignore the dirty looks, the insulting comments, and the people who spit in my direction as I pass by. Whether you believe me or not, I go to work every day hoping to be a positive influence and strive to treat everyone the same.

We both want safe neighborhoods, the ability to succeed, and a fair justice system across the board. Like you, I want to see the bad guys go to jail and the good guys protected from violence and evil. I take it personal when someone is hurt or killed on my watch. I’ll give my life to save yours, whether you believe me or not, it’s true.

I can say this with absolute certainty, all good police officers despise the bad ones. When necessary, we have no issue with them being fired or sent to prison. There’s no place for a dirty or corrupt police officer in our profession. Their lack of integrity, poor decisions, or corruption, wipe away all the good we’ve done and erodes the vital trust of the community. This sentiment is shared across the entire profession, whether you believe us or not, we simply hate dirty police officers.

The truth is, police officers are human. Just like you, they can make mistakes. Despite their humanity, the highest standards of accountability are paramount. However, accountability must be a two-way street. Collectively, we must look at incidents objectively and assign blame fairly. If we approach our future with a willingness to walk in “each other’s shoes,” and learn from our mistakes, the progress we can achieve is endless. Through understanding, true change is possible.

Behind my badge is a heart like yours. In the end, we all want the same things.

I hope you see, we really are more alike, than we are different.

The Officer Next Door



  1. I have worn a shield being with a M.P. badge in 1979…..I moved on to the county after my tour of duty in the military. I have worked inside the wall/fence for nearly 33 years. We feel the same way about bad Correctional Officers. We hope each and every one of them are exposed, prosecuted and convicted. There is no room in our profession either the bad ones. Those of us that walk that beat inside, are more like our brothers and sisters who patrol our cities streets than not. Thank you.

  2. I am anti-police because you find it necessary to enforce unjust laws like when you murdered a disabled veteran and his wife in Houston with a no knock warrant,after he tried to defend his home after you barged in and shot his dog,or when i get a ticket for not wearing my saet belt and you find it reasonable suspicion to tear apart my car for 45 minutes and find nothing,i could go on and on,the majority of you suck so get over yourselves

    • The next time you need the police you will call. The police will protect and serve you just like they would anyone else. You seem to forget that police officers are humans too. Yes mistakes happen. Yes there is recourse when it does. It seems you base your opinion on just a few calls. Maybe you should look at the good the police does and you will see that those calls far out weigh the other ones. I pray for people like you!

    • FYI: You can say NO when they ask to search your vehicle. Period. Now if there’s PC involved & you sit on the side of the road waiting for a K-9 or a Judge to sign a search warrant…. that’s on you. Maybe rethink wearing that seatbelt & you wouldn’t have given yourself a reason to have been pulled over.

  3. While it was probably directed at people like myself who get labeled “anti-police” because I choose to point out facts that others remain silent on it does not mean I’m assuming the role by commenting here. I’m commenting as a person who is anti “corrupt police” and anti “zero accountability police” and anti “I’m a good cop but look the other way police officer. “ I’m also anti crook, anti rapist, anti petty thief, anti dog abuser, anti person that litters, anti cheater etc. Nothing personal but this is after all a police officers blog and platform and you know the territory associated with that and often times we don’t see eye to eye. That being said, This is the most well worded article on this subject I’ve ever read coming. This is meant to convey your viewpoint and it is sincere as a person can get. This is exactly how I see myself feeling if I was a police officer. Hands down the best thing you’ve ever written. It’s this type of article that needs to go viral. If every police officers true heart was just as described here and the citizens could know and see this in the officers work then this world would be a better place as soon as tomorrow.🤝 Good job sir.

    • Thank you. It really is how 99.9% of officers think and feel. The response I’ve got from officers is just that, “Nailed it.”

      For some reason, it got very little readership compared to others which is sad.

      This letter isn’t aimed at anyone in particular. But you have to get someone’s attention to start.

      I sent it to BLM via a tweet on Twitter and their response was, “That’s a negative for us.”
      I won’t comment further on that. But it’s sad.

      In the end, police want the exact same things everyone else does. They don’t want to shoot anyone. They don’t (most don’t) enjoy writing tickets. Hell, we even feel bad when we HAVE to take someone to jail sometimes and we don’t like the situation.

      I’m glad you liked it. I’ll see what I can do to get it to take off more.

      Take care,

      The Officer Next Door

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