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Video and Photo via Chicago Code BLUE Facebook page


Watch this video and tell me police officers are not targets.

Watch this video and afterward, explain how you truly think police officers are the problem in society.

Watch this video and tell me officers act on fake fear, despite having encountered people in cars just like this and lived to tell about it.

After watching this video, realize this, that officer didn’t know what was next to him, just like officers don’t know who they’re dealing with on a call, a traffic stop, or simply walking to get lunch.

After watching this video, realize if that officer pulled that car over, you’d likely read about an officer involved shooting, or worse an officer killed.

Who is to blame for this? The officer? Or the thug with a gun?

Remember, had there been a shooting, the news media would be quick to post photos of the kids holding those pistols, wearing church clothes, being hugged by their Moms.

Mom would tell the country via the news media her son wasn’t, “A bad kid, he was a good little boy.”

Meanwhile, the police officer can’t speak to the media.

On social media, the officer is made out to be a racist, blood thirsty killer, who manufactured fear, so they could shoot another innocent person.

This will simply further the hate toward law enforcement, making the target on their back bigger. A vicious cycle, that likely won’t be broken, due to society choosing the false narrative over the truth.

It makes no sense.

Yet this seems to be the narrative that is winning:

Police are bad.

Gang members are misunderstood.

Gun laws keep “bad people” from having guns.

The police need to step up and do more, without hurting anyone.

Impossible. Irrational. Irresponsible.

Fight the false narrative with truth.

The Officer Next Door



  1. And we are not allowed to profile cars and people. What is wrong with this society. People like this need to be in physc wards.

  2. Actually you are allowed to profile people and you do. Most departments trin you on it. You cant profile based on race because well its illegal. Why should you be able to do something that is illegal? Because your a cop? You cant see the problem that arises from that way of thinking?

    I cant grasp how anyone thinks that there isn’t a epidemic of police brutality unlike we’ve ever seen before. Officers know it and the public knows it. This also comes at a time when its never been safer to be a cop in America. Thats a statistical fact. Is your job dangerous? Yes. However the garbage man is more at risk, along with a fisherman to get injured or killed. Like I said those are facts from the government website so unless they got it all wrong . . . .

    This one video posted is rare. Why? Because deliberate killings of cops are rare. Your never going to find me making things up and stating my opinion doesn’t happen very often either (because people take that as an excuse to end the convo.) These are facts you can research yourself. However the same rarity does not apply to police attacking and killing unarmed innocent civilians. Im not sure how someone refuses to believe that this problem exists or that the officers arent the ones who created this problem. Ive tried on four different occasions this week to have a conversation with different officers but none of them want to directly address the issue at hand and then when confronted with facts the convo is over. They dont know all the details or some other line. I have a page full of them. It only furthers my point.

    Here are a few reasons why the public see police as a problem.

    • Yes. You know why?

      Because I run this page. And I won’t allow F words and F the police and F that and other profanity to be posted overnight and all over the Internet.

      Due to the fact some people can’t act appropriately, measures like that need to be taken.

      I’ll respond to your other comment at a later time.

      Contrary to what you seem to think, I have a life outside of running a website and a full time job. Your condescending attitude may be why you have a difficult time conversing with people. You don’t exactly come across as open for candid discussion. A plumber who is now suddenly an expert of policing and use of force, who overwhelms people with accusations and examples of accusations and expects an immediate response.

      Reasonable. SMH

      • I state facts and I don’t see anything wrong with that. I don’t use profanity so not sure what that’s about. I’m not all the sudden an expert. I’ve been following these stories for years now. A person can be a plumber and also do other things. My skills aren’t limited to plumbing. My condescending attitude is most likely from people’s refusal to see both sides and refusal to even acknowledge it in any intelligent way. Like I said before sure some people hate cops. There will always be those. Sure there are good cops. There always will be. Now then there’s a huge problem that people aren’t going to overlook any longer. Pushing positive stories is ok but when you say you can’t see how cops are being branded as the bad guys – well I’m amazed at that. You can’t beat an elderly woman’s face in and claim “I’m just trying to get home to my family and keep everyone safe” You can’t do that. People have a problem with that. 🤷‍♂️. It may seem overwhelming because it is overwhelming. I agree.

      • Surely you can understand since you are reasonable that not everyone follows the manner of communication you do.

        I’m with my family. I will respond tomorrow.

        Also, the fact you provided 15-20 videos of bad incidents where officers didn’t do the right thing in the moment or in general. Whatever you want to label it as, doesn’t mean it is an epidemic.

        Keep doing research. Start with how many interactions happen across the country and nothing happens. How you surmise 0.5% of events across an entire country is an epidemic is odd to me.

        I’m writing some more articles about this topic. Whether you agree with me or not, that’s fine. Just know the media tells you a story the way they want to. The number of people killed by police has been uniform nearly every year. It’s hasn’t gone drastically up or down. The racial breakdown has also been pretty consistent. The Washington post tracks shootings. It’s a great study they’ve been doing since Ferguson.

        One annoying assumption you keep making is the notion I or most officers are accepting of bad incidents happening. You can stop that assumption. It gets old fast.

        I’ve denounced bad incidents multiple times in multiple articles. But not surprisingly, like most people “fighting the social justice fight” against police, you ignore anything I say that doesn’t align with the hit points you (others want to make).

        Again, I’ve spent enough time tonight on writing and social media.

        An officer was gunned down today in Milwaukee. No big deal I’m sure. It’s part of the job. Wonder how many garbage men were shot today. 🤔


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