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Portland, Oregon – In the latest protest in our fair country, a small group of students in Portland, Oregon, walked out of classes Wednesday to protest the presence of police officers assigned to protect the campus, usually referred to as school resource officers, according to KATU-TV.

Roughly 20 students from various Portland public schools walked out of classes and gathered and read a statement prepared by the group of students. In essence, the students are upset about a recent move by the Portland Public School Board that approved a plan to put more SROs on campus every day of the week, instead of four day a week.

The insanity, I know.

What I don’t understand is despite the continued school shooting tragedies across the country, these students are protesting the ONE thing that could help them, in the event pure evil arrives on campus with bad intentions.

Secondly, this may or may not surprise you, many school shootings have been thwarted or ended quickly, due to the actions of SROs on numerous occasions throughout our country. The mainstream media just doesn’t cover those stories as heavily for obvious reasons. They aren’t as tragic as the successful attempts. Therefore, not as profitable. Just telling the truth here folks.

Much like the new movement to keep ‘pointy eared’ puppies from patrolling our airports, police officers are under attack in the latest attempt to remove common sense from how we approach safety in this country. Sadly, common sense ways to keep our children and travelers safe, take a back seat to fighting for policies that won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

I have a hard time comprehending how these teenagers already dislike police to the point they feel police officers in schools, “further contribute to an environment of fear and distrust,” Sophia Lucas, a senior at Jefferson High School stated before giving the prepared speech.

There was no comment or discussion as to whether the student’s efforts will cause the school board to reconsider their recent move. I can only hope the initial decision to have police officers in schools every day of the week, instead of four, won’t be changed anytime soon. For the sake of Portland area students, their teachers, and their parents. Let police officers do what they do, protect your schools and protect your children.

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Thank an officer today.

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  1. Get them out of the schoolls and the second something happens the police will get the blame for not being there. Nobody wants the police around until they need them then they should have already been there, and that comes from 24 years of policing.

  2. WOW – These kids are being fed this info from someone, I look to their parents … this is BS! Get these kids back in the classroom and educate them about what the police actually do in the schools! If the school board considers kicking the PD out of the school, they have lost control!

  3. Yeah it is frustrating as all get out. But every LEO knows that we will go in and protect them in spite of themselves. It’s what makes us who we are. Who knows…maybe…if we keep
    it up long enough…the next great leader that our nation needs so badly will survive high school. Every once in a while we get lucky and make a difference. It really does happen occasionally. I personally know of an MP with Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children who started out skipping school and hooking to make some pocket money. Her SRO and I put our heads together and with the help of her heart sore mother , we managed to scare her straight. Yeah students can be a real pain. I just keep reminding myself that the human brain isn’t done developing until roughly 25 yoa. Of course I am reminding myself of this fact as I bang my head against the steering wheel of my patrol car… over…and over….and over…

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