Hello and welcome to The Officer Next Door website and blog! Thank you for coming, we hope you enjoy your visit!

The website is being created and content is being written so stay tuned.

Though this website / blog is in its infant stages of development I’d like to share with you my vision of what this site will become.

The major hope is that this will become a site people can come to and read about events involving police officers in the United States and around the world. Discuss incidents that happen, gain perspective, have meaningful dialogue, or simply get an opinion from someone who has likely “been in those shoes”. This site will share all sorts of stories, even positive ones, to keep people talking and understanding what it is like to be a police officer in 2018.

As the name suggests, police officers are human, one may even live next door to you. They might have a squad car parked in their driveway, maybe you have seen them going to and from work wearing a uniform, or you may have no idea because they work in an undercover capacity. Either way, they are a part of the community whether they are on duty, or off. My goal and vision for this site is to “humanize the badge” and offer perspective through the lens of a police officer, while juxtaposing the civilian point of view. Furthermore, I hope to help those who have never been a police officer, see things through their eyes and mindset. I will never be able to tell you exactly what an officer was thinking during a certain incident or event, however, I can likely share my opinion based on my experience and attempt to shed light on what they may have been experiencing. Interesting? I hope so.

Ultimately, I want to communicate, discuss, debate, share, and laugh. Learning comes from understanding. So why not try “putting yourself in their shoes”?

Thanks for stopping by, be safe, and thank an officer today!

-The Officer Next Door



  1. Thank you for your service and this blog. I had a wonderful short-lived career in law enforcement with Orlando PD. I later worked as civilian both as an analyst and later an investigator specialist with Miami-Dade PD. I was married for 23 years with an PO and my two older sons would later become officers with Dallas PD. I am currently a licensed social worker. I share this with you for the benefit of knowing your audience. I look forward to reading your blog. Good luck and BE SAFE!

    • That’s awesome to hear! Sounds like you’ve had an amazing career. I worked for Dallas PD for 12 years. I have since moved on but am still in the law enforcement field as an Investigator for a State Agency. I appreciate your comment and thank you for sharing your story! Thank you for your service! I hope you enjoy the articles! I already have others in the works! Take care!

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